PLAYMOBIL pro STORY. Vanessa Pröll.

“I use the Playmobil Pro Kit mainly in project management and RRHH. Due to this kit, it is possible for us to release a mental blockage or blockages caused by our emotions when working out complex challenges. By visualizing our thoughts and emotions in workshops, we rethink our proposals, stimulate the imagination, and find ways […]

INNOVATION SPECTRUM. An Interview with Frank Müller – Head of Innovations at PLAYMOBIL pro.

With the new PLAYMOBIL pro equipment set, PLAYMOBIL is expanding its range for the B2B sector and thus offering support for creative working methods. The system concept of the well-known toy was rethought in the course of a new business model and is now also being used extensively in the framework of innovative working methods. […]

What is PLAYMOBIL pro? For whom it is useful?

PLAYMOBIL pro is the ideal business tool for modern presentations and meetings, and shakes up dry, theoretical discussions. The attractive figures and fun accessories are guaranteed to magic a smile on everybody’s face and serve to loosen up serious subject areas.    PLAYMOBIL pro is geared towards modern Start-Ups, professionals in creative workshops, Inhouse trainers, as […]

PLAYMOBIL pro – Relaunch

PLAYMOBIL pro – modelling kit for professionals with a new design & some hot features! Welcome to our new website!  The PLAYMOBIL pro team is pleased that we were able to revise the website in cooperation with the agency GROWTH ROCKETS this year. We realized that the requirements and functions of the original website had […]

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