INNOVATION SPECTRUM. An Interview with Frank Müller – Head of Innovations at PLAYMOBIL pro.

With the new PLAYMOBIL pro equipment set, PLAYMOBIL is expanding its range for the B2B sector and thus offering support for creative working methods. The system concept of the well-known toy was rethought in the course of a new business model and is now also being used extensively in the framework of innovative working methods.

Who is the target group of PLAMYOBIL pro?
PLAYMOBIL pro is aimed at modern companies, specialists for creative workshops, in-house trainers and coaches as well as all service providers in the business sector, consulting and adult education. The equipment is particularly suitable for supporting current management topics in the areas of innovation & creativity, transformation & people and marketing & communication. In the education sector, at schools and universities, the new moderation set can also be a good tool to illustrate and convey various learning contents and topics. In the psychological and pedagogical context, PLAYMOBIL figures and the corresponding accessories are already being used to visualize situations or relationships. Because especially in the therapeutic field, the appropriate aids can be the key when language, for example, is not the right tool.

The range of product sets and accessories as well as the unique variety of themes of the PLAYMOBIL assortment offers ideal prerequisites for creative work. The well-known figures are modified and adapted for this purpose to increase the degree of abstraction and to leave even more room for your own creativity. The figures can be individually pasted and labeled as desired, so that they fit into any conceivable situation or scene. The moderation set can always be expanded with appropriate supplementary sets or additional figures.

PLAYMOBIL pro not only invites children to creative role play, but also offers adults every opportunity for witty ideas, new approaches to work and a creative development of solutions. With PLAYMOBIL, the focus is on the figure; with modern companies, the focus is on people working together on something, implementing common ideas and developing solutions and strategies.
An unbeatable advantage of this is that the figures are initially language-neutral and can therefore be used internationally in any country and in any language. The familiar figures and the equipment make it easy to start expressing your own ideas. International teams will find it easier to work together, especially if they do not speak the same language. The idea can be understood by means of the figure constellation without the need for a lot of words.

Do I have to learn a method?
The use of the collection of materials is not bound to specific guidelines or strict instructions, but is intended to support all forms of modern working methods and management trends, such as design thinking or change management. Working with PLAYMOBIL is innovative, international and creative.

PLAYMOBIL pro is the ideal business tool for modern presentations and appointments and brings zest into every dry meeting. The appealing figures and witty accessories are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face and provide the necessary livening up for even the most serious topics. You can find more information on our home page and on LinkedIn in the PLAYMOBIL pro community.

Since 2017, Frank Müller has been in charge of New Business Development and Innovation Management at PLAY-MOBIL geobra Brandstätter Stiftung GmbH & Co. KG.

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