PLAYMOBIL pro STORY. Vanessa Pröll.

“I use the Playmobil Pro Kit mainly in project management and RRHH. Due to this kit, it is possible for us to release a mental blockage or blockages caused by our emotions when working out complex challenges. By visualizing our thoughts and emotions in workshops, we rethink our proposals, stimulate the imagination, and find ways to improve the result or develop new ideas. The playful way of acting makes it easier for the members to put themselves into the respective situation and the rpositive atmosphere creates ideas and possibilities that might never have existed without the playful context.

What is particularly striking is how quickly new project teams are brought together, and how quickly the feeling of unity and teamfeeling among the members is created through the use of the kit. By using Playmobil Pro, communication between people who are still strangers to each other is stimulated and a harmonious community that wants to interact empathically with each other is created more quickly than usual. Through harmony and empathy, all members enjoy project work more, which promotes business agility. Playmobil Pro is an innovative way to illustrate project strategy and project development.

In HR, I like to use Playmobil Pro during new trainee orientation days. With the use of the kit, all newcomers to the profession first introduce themselves, present their likes but also dislikes. In addition, the trainees can use the set to visually represent the model situation in which they can imagine themselves in three years, i.e., after successfully completing their training. Through this method, the trainees get to know each other in a playful and simple way. But the set also helps me as a trainer to get a first assessment and feeling for my new trainees. Workshops are also regularly organized with the trainees, which are provided with Playmobil Pro sets. During these workshops, I would like to find out how the trainees like their work, where they have suggestions for improvement, or which decisions or descriptions the trainees get along with well or not so well. There are also occasional projects in our company which are supervised only by the trainees. This includes, for example, a one-week project once every three years in which the trainees manage a department completely on their own. The preparation for this week takes a very long time and is completely gone through in form of prototyping several times before it actually happens. In order to document the thoughts, suggestions and ideas that arise, the trainees take pictures of all the scenarios that are represented figuratively. This way, all participants can look at everything again at a later date and even trainees who are not present at a workshop date due to vacation or illness can look at everything later and know about the current status.”

Vanessa Pröll is a part of the PLAYMOBIL pro team since the beginning. She’s responsible for the supply of all purchased parts. She shows all trainees who pass through the purchasing department in the course of their training the possibilities and benefits of PLAYMOBIL pro. This helps to try to get the next generation directly in touch with the product. And she is the one who always has timelines in mind and tries to keep the team on track.

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