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PLAYMOBIL pro is an innovative modelling kit for professionals which encourages problem solving and creative thinking in the workplace.

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The system is based around the iconic PLAYMOBIL figure, which for generations has served as an educational toy encouraging imaginative play.

Now it can also be used by adults in the frame of a professional context to aid in prototyping, project management, creative workshops. PLAYMOBIL pro was born out of an interest and demand for gamification tools that introduce playful elements into work processes to achieve better results.

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PLAYMOBIL pro is ideally applied to Design Thinking as a hip alternative to customer-centric problem solving. PLAYMOBIL pro is the perfect tool to visualize the individual stages: Understand, Observe, Ideation and Prototyping.


Prototyping is one of the most common methods in which PLAYMOBIL pro is used. Whether you are building an early model, brainstorming the next billion dollar idea, or testing a concept, you’ll be sure to deliver like a pro.


Think tanks and innovation labs are popping up in large companies the world over. Employees are taken out of their normal working environment to stimulate creative thinking or to receive specialist training. PLAYMOBIL pro is a great tool to increase engagement and productivity in your team.


Staying organised and coordinating different departments as a project manager can be a bit of a headache at times. PLAYMOBIL pro will help you get a better overview of your project and keep you nice and organised with an agile approach.

Please note: There are no strict guidelines on the application of the figures or accessories. Instead, it is supposed to support all kinds of modern working methods and management trends. Working with PLAYMOBIL pro is innovative, international and limitless in terms of creativity. However, if you need assistance on the usage, we would love to introduce you to our official partner “Actitud Creativa/ Pro Play” ( Become a pro at their Pro.Play method and get insights on the manifold usage of the PLAYMOBIL pro material. We also recommend you to have a look into their book “Play like a pro” at:



Universities and other educational facilities can benefit from using PLAYMOBIL pro by making even the most boring and complex seminars more engaging. In times of departmental restructuring or organisation of exams, professors and office managers can set up rudimentary plans with PLAYMOBIL pro.


PLAYMOBIL pro is especially good for subjects involving people, which makes it ideal for Human Resource Management. The fun and visual set-up of PLAYMOBIL pro makes it great for setting up organigrams, workforce planning and development, creation of teams and for those dreaded annual reviews.


Due to the nature and complexity of Supply Chain & Logistics, managers in this field can benefit hugely from visualizing their network of suppliers and distribution channels, without getting lost in complicated computer systems.


Imagine a session with a therapist in which the patient is completely silent. Pretty hard, right? Talking is an important part of counselling, and yet speech is not always the most effective means of communication. PLAYMOBIL pro can bridge this gap by giving patients the opportunity to express themselves when words are more of a barrier.

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Starter Kit for Beginners,
Professional Set for Pros
and the Welcome Set for


“By working with PLAYMOBIL pro, it is possible to make unwritten working relationships and roles in the team visible in a playful way and without words. For the further development of cooperation and the optimisation of the distribution of roles, this can create a whole new dynamic.”

Dr. Stefan Biel

Innovation Director OSCAR & PAUL, Beiersdorf AG

“PLAYMOBIL Pro allows our workshop participants to visualise their idea via kits stored in portable hand-carry drawers. It turns traditional sharing into fun and engaging interactions in the whole brain approach! I especially like the design of combining PLAYMOBIL with stationary, which allows diversified participants to create their ideal model without boundaries.”

Raphael Lok

Canon, Hong Kong

“PLAYMOBIL pro is perfect for developing and visualizing solutions together: creative, collaborative, inspiring! We use it to create organizational designs, build prototypes for innovative solutions of all kinds, and also use the toolset intensively for coaching teams and executives.”

Prof. Dr. Günter Schicker

Gründer und CEO ISMO – Institut für systemisches Management und Organisation

“PLAYMOBIL pro supports me and my fellow players wherever experiences, processes and identities are involved. Since the PLAYMOBIL figures have role play in their core DNA, they invite you to experience situations, futures and new worlds directly and to gain new insights from this experience. Because of the open and free system, I can combine PLAYMOBIL pro with a variety of methods and thus increase the value of these methods.

Manuel Grassler

Playpreneur &  Thoughtful Player Innovations- und Organisationsberatung

“When developing new services it is particularly important to depict roles, relationships and interactions between people with prototypes. PLAYMOBIL pro is the perfect tool fo the job.”

Dr. Alexander Gogoll,

Siemens AG

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