PLAYMOBIL pro – Relaunch

PLAYMOBIL pro – modelling kit for professionals with a new design & some hot features!

Welcome to our new website! 

The PLAYMOBIL pro team is pleased that we were able to revise the website in cooperation with the agency GROWTH ROCKETS this year. We realized that the requirements and functions of the original website had to be adapted and that we had deficits especially in the area of user experience or in the analysis and we want to set new accents with extended functions like the community and the academy. The site is now more user-friendly and more informative at first glance. People can find their way around more quickly and have a better overview of the individual topics on the site.

In the redesigned community platform we want to put the users in the foreground and give them the opportunity to present their experiences with PLAYMOBIL pro and give inspiration to the other users. It should be the platform for creative and constructive exchange among like-minded people. Registration is required for this.

At the Academy you will have the opportunity to learn more about the application areas of PLAYMOBIL pro. Let informative videos inspire you, which opportunities PLAYMOBIL pro enables for example in the areas of Design Thinking, Change Management or HR/ Team Building. 

If you have any questions or input for us, we look forward to your messages. But now, have fun on the new PLAYMOBIL pro website.

Constant change is particularly important in customer-centric product manufacturing. And since we have developed PLAYMOBIL pro from our community, it is no longer possible without constant changes and further development of our products for the community. 

So we have decided on a new appearance and a new design for our digital channels. 

What do you think? Do you like it?

We changed some fundamental things and so we decided to relaunch our website to offer you an enjoyable journey on our new website and a easy way to get your PROFESSIONAL SET.

What`s new?

  • Easy shopping
  • userfriendly design & Usability 
  • an clear overview 
  • Introduction of the new APP

In addition you can easily surf and view our website comfortably on tablets and smartphones. The most important you can find what you are looking for more quickly.

And if you got any questions don’t hesitate to get in contact with us! 

We hope you enjoy surfing.

Be a pro. Start creating.

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