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Before you decide to purchase sets of PLAYMOBIL pro, PLEASE NOTE that the products of PLAYMOBIL pro are for professional use only. The PLAYMOBIL pro case, packaging and parts of the content are not toys and are not suitable for children. I have read and understood that PLAYMOBIL pro is not a toy and must not be given to children. Please confirm within your email with your order that PLAYMOBIL pro will only be used for commercial purposes. Please get back to our sales colleagues if you need any translations of the warning text. Thank you.

For region CIS; Middle East, Central Asia and Africa, please contact mikita_khaletski@playmobil.de:

Russia (incl. Kazakhstan & Belarus), Ukraine, Isreal, Lebanon, Jordan, UAE, Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, Quatar, Iran, Iraq, Usebekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Armenia, Egypt, Algeria, Tunesia, Marocco, Mauritius, Madagascar, Angola, Senegal, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, D.R. Kongo, Ivory Coast

For region South & Central America, Eastern Euope and Iceland, please contact stefan_hoerl@playmobil.de:

Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Panama, Costa Rica, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Moldavia, Iceland

For region South Asia, Asia and Pacific, please contact yiran_yang@playmobil.de

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Korea, Singapore/ Malaysia, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam/ Cambodia, Japan, Mongolia, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand

If your country has not been listed yet (stay with us United States and Canada!), please register your interest and your details to pro@playmobil.com.